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We are very excited to bring back MidMo Waggers Dog Team and MidMo Dog 4-H Spin Club!!!

This is a combination of 4-H plus anyone who wants to be a part of a fun group of people and their dogs to continue to grow their dog's abilities with tricks, obedience, and fun activities.  Whether you want to perform or just have fun in class this is a great energy burner for your dog and social time for both you and your dog.  A level one basic obedience class would be a great pre-requisite but not required.  All dogs performing in public must be friendly with no corrective collars, but these requirements are not required for training in class.  The last 15 minutes of class will be a 4-H meeting.   Members will be expected to help set up and clean up as well as represent MidMo Dog Training in a positive light at various community events.  Although 4-H is for ages 5-18, the MidMo Waggers is for all ages and entire households.  

See Schedule for class times.

MidMo Waggers/ MidMo Dogs 4-H Spin Club is $30/6 week session/trainer. 

The charge is per person to cover t-shirts, costumes, etc.

If you are doing 4-H there is an additional $20 one time fee per year to sign up for 4-H.  This  fee will allow you to participate in other spin clubs and 4-H activities.  Pay the additional fee online at https://mo.4honline.com. To register for MidMo Waggers or 4-H Spin Club fill out the registration form and mail with payment at least a week before class.

Click here for the Registration Form (Please mail in one week before class or call 573-645-6153 for availability.) . Or go to the registration page and register on line with the option of using a credit card.

First session comes with a free t-shirt!

Click here to register for 4H

For more information about 4-H go to:   http://extension.missouri.edu/cole/4h.aspx

Please let Jennifer know if you can attend!  It will be a lot of fun for you and your dog!!!

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